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Learn about a couple of cool tools, including a device that makes changing blades on the table saw much simpler.

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miter clamps have sharp nails on ends

A mitered frame can be tricky to clamp. Apply pressure in all four directions to prevent the sides of the frame from binding. Miter clamps have sharp nails on the ends that dig into the wood to hold the corners together tightly.

Since miter clamps work because of the pressure applied, use a special tool that gives extra strength to open and close the miter clamp. Place a clamp on each corner of the frame to hold it tight while the glue dries.

A lot of woodworkers use a board to prevent the blade from rotating when they’re changing out blades on a table saw -- which really isn’t good for the blade. This blade changing device holds the blade in place and covers the teeth to prevent scratching when loosening the nut that holds the blade in the table saw. It’s plastic, so it doesn’t harm the blade.

This cool tool fits around the entire blade. Clamp it together to hold the blade in place while loosening the nut. Then, remove the blade while it’s still in the cover. Hang the entire unit on a peg to keep the blade protected when not in use.